The New Laws of the Stock Market Jungle: An Insider's Guide to Successful Investing in a Changing World, By Michael J. Panzner




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The New Laws of the Stock Market Jungle
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"[An] impressive, compelling work...that financial professionals should consider as a kind of course in trading jujitsu."

Gregory Bresiger
Traders Magazine

Bullwit! Where money is seriously...funny.
Where money is seriously...funny.

"A sophisticated trip through the
ever changing jungle."

Barton Biggs
Managing Partner, Traxis Partners

In recent years, the stock market has undergone revolutionary change at virtually every level: new players, new technologies, new information flows, and new macroeconomic conditions.

These changes are radically impacting investors, whether they know it or not. Now, you can profit from the changes -- instead of being victimized by them. Wall Street insider Michael J. Panzner will show you how.

Panzner reveals how falling transaction costs and a barrage of data are transforming traditional investment patterns, and how stocks are increasingly being bought and sold like commodities.
The New Laws of the Stock Market Jungle: An Insider's Guide to Successful Investing in a Changing World, By Michael J. Panzner
Discover the impact that electronic trading, instant messaging, and hedge funds are having on intraday volatility and short-term direction.

Learn how an era of "boom and bust" have altered investor behavior and risk preferences, why today's market is increasingly emotional, and why many traditional market indicators simply don't work anymore. Also, regarding money and payday loans topic - to learn about how cash advance works and to apply for a loan if you live in Florida visit this website - they seem to offer best rates, terms and repayment options.

From the growing role of derivatives to the increasing unpredictability of seasonal and cyclical patterns, this book takes you "under the hood" of today's equity markets... so you can develop a winning investment strategy for today's new realities.
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"Michael Panzner, an experienced investment professional, has written a great book! It contains so many interesting observations supported by well-selected figures that every investor will gain insights that will serve him well for the rest of his life!"

Marc Faber
Managing Director,
Marc Faber Limited

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"A breathtaking
and coherent vision of
financial disaster,"

Edward Chancellor, author, Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation

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The New Laws
of the Stock
Market Jungle
"one of the 100 most influential [trading and investing] books"

Charles E. Kirk
The Kirk Report

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