An Introduction to Investing in Stock

To novices and experts alike, the stock market can sometimes be erratic and enigmatic. We can erase the mystery that clouds the topic and let you know how the market can be unpredictable, and how you can take advantage of this trait.

Information, as the saying goes, is power – and this is particularly true in the case of stock. Experience is certainly useful in profiting via stock, but with the right knowledge, even a novice investor can make decent returns at the start of their stock-related endeavours.

This comprehensive guide to stock investments and closely related topics gives you everything you need to know to confidently plunge into the world of stock trading.

Organised Chaos
This is an appropriate way to describe the stock market. It is also the reason behind the intimidation many new investors face prior to taking part in the commotion.
The words ‘stock market’ bring to mind a collage of institutions, long calculations, jagged graphs, stacks of paper, harried traders and bright screens.
Read our guide and learn all you need to know to swiftly glide through the disarrayed landscape of the stock market with confidence and knowledge.

What is Stock?
Learn all about the types of stock available in the stock market and their benefits and drawbacks.
There are many types of stock and differentiating between these is crucial to a novice investor. Learn about the types of stock and their benefits and drawbacks. This will help you maximize your investment opportunities and profits.
What is a Stock Market?
Learn what a stock market is exactly and how it functions. Learn more about the history of stock markets.
To a novice, stock markets may appear to be clouded with confusion. Here we help you understand how they function and what purpose they serve in business. Get a general idea of stock markets around the world. Also, take a look at the history of stock markets to understand the bigger picture.
Stock Brokers
Learn all about stock brokers before you decide to invest in the stock market.
There are different types of stock brokers offering different services. Learn what to expect from brokers and which type suits your needs best. This will not only help you cut back on expensive brokerage commissions but also make you a more efficient and successful investor at the end of the day.
How to Choose a Stock Broker
Learn how to choose a stock broker to match your needs and investment plans.
Everyone has a unique trading style and investment plan. Therefore it is important that you make a self assessment before you choose a broker. Learn about the essential research you need to make before you decide on a broker.
How are stocks traded?
A list of the world's most prominent exchanges and summary of what these institutions do, and enriched, with the history of the futures exchange.
How to Invest in Stocks
Learn how to profit by buying and trading shares on the stock market.
Here we provide you with simple explanations of the different investment methods and strategies you can employ to profit from the stock market. Our guide will tell you all you need to know about investing in stocks.
The art of examination: Brokers on trial
The fundamental questions you need to ask before you choose a stock broker.
Your stock broker holds a big responsibility in your investments. Therefore choosing a stock broker should never be taken lightly. Here we will show you how to choose a well experienced and able broker to suit your needs by simply asking the right questions.
The Shenanigans of Share Prices
Discusses how different factors affect share market prices and how these can be estimated through simple calculations.
Share market prices fluctuate daily depending on numerous internal as well as external factors. Learn what these factors are and how they will affect your stocks. Also, learn how simple calculations can be used to estimate the value of your stock.
Learn the basic ‘Bull’ and ‘Bear’ trends of stock markets and how you can benefit from them.
Stock markets from all around the world from New York to Bombay follow similar trends which can be explained using the vague terms ‘Bull’ and ‘Bear’. Learn how to apply these in your experience and how to benefit from these trends. Get to know what ‘habits’ you must avoid in order to become a winner.
Dos and Don’ts
Tips to help you become a successful investor in the stock market.
These simple tips and tricks are sure to bring you to the top! Get to know the little things you should do in order to remain well-informed and ahead of the others. Discover your inner potential to become an investor by learning the habits of success.
Know Your Jargon
Here we provide you with simplified explanations of the most important stock market terminology.
Investing in stock markets can be tricky if you don not understand the fundamental terminology. We are here to help you wipe away all complications and confusions from stock market jargon. Our simplified glossary of important stock market terms is sure to guide you towards success.